Read, read, and read some more.  Try reading a different genre!  

Read outloud to a younger brother, sister, or parent Rix Gothic.

Visit Goleta library on-line and check out a book or audio book.  

Goleta Public Digital Resources  

Read and follow a recipe (ask a parent first!)

Read directions to a board or card game.  Play with a family member 스피리츄얼 소울.


Passion project:  research something you are curious about and write about it, make a google slide presentation, or create a poster Download TwinBee.

Build your academic vocabulary (click here: academic word list)

Free write in a journal, diary, or spiral notebook 새찬송가 전곡.

Respond to writing prompt (click here

Write a story 탄트알.

Write a chapter or book summary of a novel you are reading.  

Write a sequel or different ending to one of your favorite books.

Play Scrabble, Bananagrams, or Boggle.

Write a script for a movie or play (use family members as cast and film).


Call a friend or family member and talk in English.

Answer a question while on zoom with your class.

What is something you do well?  Prepare a short speech and share with someone.

Read to your pet or to a stuffed animal.  

Ask a family member, “What is your favorite book, movie, or hobby and why?”

Watch a movie with your family and host a movie review.  How would you rate the movie 1-10? Why?   


Listen to an audio book in English.  Goleta Public Digital Resources 

Check out Epic.  See links on Mountain View website.

Call a grandparent, aunt or uncle.  If possible facetime or zoom with them.