The computer lab program at Mountain View is structured so that every class spends time in the computer lab each week. Kindergartners come to the lab for 30 minutes, first through third grades, for 45 minutes, and fourth through sixth graders for an hour Download The Sound of Mind. For the primary students our goal is to create activities that support their increasing skills in the classroom while teaching them the basics of computer use 영한번역기. Curriculum support is the main focus for upper grade students whether it be using the internet to research a social studies topic, word processing a story or poem, or creating a multimedia presentation 독전 벨소리. In addition, these students are becoming more and more comfortable with the technology and increasing their computer skills.
The software collection at Mountain View has been expanded and now includes industry standard utilities- Word, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver and PhotoShop 자바 32 비트. All third through sixth grade students spend time keyboarding with Type to Learn. Use of PowerPoint begins in third grade and continues throughout the grades with at least one project being completed each school year Download today's Kira gun. With all computers in the lab, and at least one in each classroom, having internet access, our use of the internet is increasing. Teachers are becoming more familiar with its tremendous resources and how best to apply them to student learning Download the scenery sound. The students use links on Mountain View’s web site to access educational sites. These links are available to the students from any internet connected computer by logging onto our web site Download Sound Forge.
An LCD projector is used in the computer lab to introduce lessons. The large image displayed by the projector makes it much easier for students to follow the computer lessons presented in the lab 건물부수기 이누야샤 다운로드.
I would like to invite you to visit the computer lab and see the enthusiasm of the students and the variety of activities taking place.

A note from Phil Landfried


Since 1967, I have taught all ages from preschool to adult 큐베이스 무료. I had been at the Montessori Center for over 30 years, most recently as the upper elementary teacher and as the computer network administrator. I am continuing my duties there as upper elementary computer specialist on Thursdays 세에라.
The computer curriculum at Mountain View is very impressive. I am working with the teachers to coordinate computer class activities with topics being covered in the classrooms.
The computer curriculum is age appropriate and progressive. For example, younger students start making slides, then putting them together into slide shows with Kid Pix. Middle and upper grade students use PowerPoint to present their research.
Keyboarding will be a weekly activity, but in small doses so as not to be drudgery, beginning in the middle of third grade.
Many of the middle and upper grade students will be accessing educational games on the web, trying them and then reporting their results. I will then compile a list of sites and create a web page with links on the MV web site, for students to access at home.
I am working with some of the other teachers to create classroom web sites for posting homework, information, student work, etc.
I have used email very successfully for parent, student and colleague communications. If you send a message to, I will add you to my MV parent list and send periodic reports on the student activities in the comp lab.
Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.
Phil Landfried