Nate Latta & Joana Pattison

The second grade at Mountain View School warmly welcomes you!

We are proud of our curriculum and the wealth of challenges available to the children. Our goals include nurturing independent thinking, fostering creative awareness and developing personal responsibility.

In our Open Court Reading Program, we specialize in comprehension with a strong emphasis on phonics. The children read extensively from real literature. In language the focus is on punctuation, complete sentences and parts of speech. The children learn to use quotation marks to enhance their writing.

Second grade math involves several areas of study including two-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping, fractions, money, geometry, probability and measurement.

Five specialists are available to second graders to enhance their learning experiences: computer, art, science, music and physical education. In class the science lessons are enhanced with lessons on marine mammals and fossils/dinosaurs. The classes all participate in a group sing with guitar.

Children leave second grade filled with memories of a fun, challenging, creative year.

School Supplies

  • A Photograph or drawing of something you did over the summer
  • 1 pack of plain Ticonderoga yellow pencils (Pencils will be communal and shared by the whole class.)
  • Colored pencils
  • Fat Crayola markers
  • Pack of glue sticks
  • Water bottle for desk
  • Watercolor paper 9×12
  • $15 for art and other miscellaneous activities (photo developing) throughout the year


  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Skin color construction paper
  • Mr. Sketch scented markers
  • Black felt tip markers (small tip)