Ann Erickson and Sigi Scigliano

First grade is an exciting year filled with academic growth. We use the Wonders English Language Arts program to foster our young readers and writers. In addition to our Bridges math curriculum, we present a variety of hands on lessons and literature to teach the following concepts: number sense, problem solving, geometry, fractions, probability and money. Our science curriculum currently covers: solids, liquids, gas, air and weather, plants and animals.

We are very fortunate to have a variety of specialists that enhance our curriculum in the following areas: science, art, music, computer and physical education.

We are proud to provide students with a rich curriculum that is sure to be fun and challenging.

Many of the supplies your child will need this year have been provided. Throughout the year we will do a variety of extra activities such as cooking and art projects. If possible, we ask you to consider donating $10 to help pay for extra supplies. (If you write a check, please make it out to your classroom teacher.) Check with your child’s teacher for any additional specific requests.