Student council is a student leadership group that meets monthly with the principal and a teacher rep. to discuss our school and how to make it better.  Student council members are elected in the fall by their fourth, fifth or sixth grade classmates.

Meeting Leader

  • Helps to plan and conduct meetings
  • Works to keep members active and involved
  • Appoints chair people and members to committees
  • Works with advisors and principal

Meeting Recorder

  • Keeps the minutes of meetings
  • Keeps reports and records
  • Handles letters and notices


  • Represent ideas from students to the council
  • Report to the class results of council action
  • Serve on Student Council Committees as reporter, Idea-getter, or idea-sharer
  • Attend meetings at lunchtime
  • Punctual
  • Responsible

Faculty Advisors and Principal

  • Act as the council’s guides
  • Help serve as links with Teachers, Parents, and Staff
  • Help council plan activities
  • Help council understand school policies
  • Help council with meetings and projects
  • Have final approval of council proposals, projects, and actions