In accordance with a Positive Behavior Support System, our school has identified three, core behavior values.  These are defined, demonstrated and reinforced to students in all areas of our campus, at multiple times during the year kmsauto 2016 다운로드.

Be Respectful:

  • Use school property appropriately
  • Treat adults and peers as you wish to be treated
  • Ge on time to class each morning and after recess and lunch.  Stay at school all day unless the office gives you permission to leave gangstar vegas 다운로드.

Be Responsible:

  • Keep our school safe, neat, and clean
  • Observe classroom and campus rules
  • Turn off and put away cell phones while on school grounds, unless otherwise given permission and supervised by school staff 한글과컴퓨터 2010.

Be Inclusive:

  • Demonstrate courteous and non-judgmental behavior towards others
  • No teasing or taunting
  • Any form of harassment or bullying will not be tolerated



Our goal is to provide the very best education possible for your child.  This is no small feat.  Education at Mountain View is based on the premise that each child has ample opportunity to grow and develop their social-emotional, intellectual, and academic abilities, with our support

We place school emphasis on:

  1. Development of academic skills
  2. Nurturing positive relationships with peers and adults
  3. Awareness of emotions
  4. Enriching experiences in the arts, sciences, and technology
  5. Being a physically fit, healthy individual
  6. Promoting the moral and civic values of the community
  7. Inspiring curiosity

You play an integral role in the success of your child, and we want you to feel welcome and included in the educational process.  Reach out to us, as needed, and we will standby to support you.  Thank you for sharing your family with us at Mountain View School.  Together, we will do great things Download WinEMP Korean edition!